‘Horizon Forbidden West’ patch 1.08 improves stability and balances weapons

Developer Guerrilla Games is still looking into other reported issues

Patch 1.08 for Horizon Forbidden West has just been released for PS4 and PS5, and developer Guerrilla Games has revealed the full patch notes detailing just what it does.

There’s a plethora of fixes to quests that can sometimes not work as intended, along with user interface issues such as how protagonist Aloy could sometimes not appear wet after being in water.

Patch 1.08 also adds some cinematic improvements, as well as an update to shadows and clouds. Additionally, unintentional loading screens and black screens have been sorted, and some streaming and visual popping has been addressed.


Part of the update also mentions “several balancing changes to weapons and enemies”, but no specifics have been given. Fans replied to the Reddit post asking for more information on this, with one user offering up some examples of changes they have spotted.

AgitatorsAnonymous said that “The Cleaving Sharpshot Bow (Rare) Rank 3 was nerfed for sure. It was doing 400 tear per tearblast prior to the patch and is now down to 334. The Spinthorn Spike Thrower (Rare) Rank 3 is also nerfed on its Tear and Explosive stats. Looks like around 30-50 points off each.”

A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West. Credit: Guerrilla Games

The update is 677MB on PS5, and you can see the full notes from the developer itself on Reddit. Ultimately this patch is aiming to improve stability. That said, there are still issues the community has reported that they’re looking into.

One such issue that has plagued the game since launch involves some strange visual performance problems. On this, Guerrilla says “The team are continuing to investigate and tweak the reported graphical issues regarding shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation”.


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