‘Horizon Forbidden West’ trailer shows Aloy’s quest

“I am running out of time”

Guerrilla Games has released a story trailer for Horizon Forbidden West that explains Aloy’s decision to journey away from home.

“I am running out of time,” Aloy says at the start of the trailer. “The land is dying. People are suffering. Soon, they’ll starve. And the machine meant to help us are out of control. I have to find a way to fix it all. And the answer is somewhere out in the Forbidden West.”

However, what Aloy finds to the West appears to be a major conflict between tribes. The main instigator of this fight is Regalla, a rebel leader who has gained the ability to control the machines and use them for war.


“But as she ventures into the frontier of the Forbidden West, Aloy won’t face these perils alone. She’ll be joined by companions both fresh and familiar, including stalwarts like Varl and Erend, along with new allies like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo,” says a post on PlayStation.blog.

The Horizon Forbidden West trailer also features the Slitherfang. A large snake-like machine. Guerrilla has previously shared details of the monster. The Slitherfang will be able to fire pressurised acid streams from its throat, with ranged attacks focused on the enemies orange components able to disable this. Meanwhile, the rattles on the opponent’s tail can fire a wide-reaching electrical wave, and it also acts as a warning sign for the attack.

The rattle itself can then be shot off and used against the Slitherfang as well, should you want to use it. However, the player will need to watch for sonic pulses fired from the creature’s neck, as these can deafen Aloy and slow her down.

In other news, Xbox is adding touch controls to nine new titles. These games include Stardew Valley and can now be played on mobile devices without the need for any extra peripherals.