‘Horizon Forbidden West’’s Slitherfang is as formidable as it sounds

It can use terrain to get a vantage point and fire long range attacks

A new enemy called the Slitherfang has been revealed for Horizon Forbidden West, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

With the PlayStation title releasing on February 18 next year for PS4 and PS5Guerilla Games looks to up the ante across the board with this sequel. Shown off at The Game Awards in the game’s newest trailer, the Slitherfang has now been detailed by Game Informer.

You can spot the creature towards the end of the trailer below.


The Slitherfang will be able to fire pressurised acid streams from its throat, with ranged attacks focused on the enemies orange components able to disable this. Meanwhile, the rattles on the opponent’s tail can fire a wide-reaching electrical wave, with it also acts as a warning sign for the attack.

The rattle itself can then be shot off and used against the Slitherfang as well, should you want to use it. However, the player will need to watch for sonic pulses fired from the creature’s neck, as these can deafen Aloy and slow her down. The Slitherfang can also scale up structures for a better vantage point for ranged attacks, and as its health depletes, the attack pattern it employs changes as well.

Defeating the enemy in Horizon Forbidden West can be done in many ways, too, as the Slitherfang is weak to fire, plasma, and ice attacks.

A mod for the previous title Horizon Zero Dawn now allows players to explore the game in VR, even if it does run at 45 frames per second. Players can look at the world through Aloy’s eyes, even if its lower frame rate can cause some feedback issues.


In other news, director Guillermo del Toro doesn’t think he “would develop a game again” after previous projects’ mishaps.

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