‘House Of Ashes’ trailer shows an uneasy alliance between soldiers

Work together or fight alone, the choice is yours

A new trailer has been revealed for Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology third instalment: House Of Ashes.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a collection of horror games by the creators of Until Dawn. So far, two parts have been released, Man Of Medan and Little Hope. But now, a third is on the way, and a trailer revealed at Gamescom 2021 gives more details.

House Of Ashes takes place in 2003 Iraq and sees players take control of a US military unit as they investigate a supposed chemical weapons facility. However, things go wrong, and the team ends up in an unknown unground tomb.


As seen in the trailer, the US forces aren’t the only ones who have entered the tomb, and much of the conflict in House of Ashes appears to come from the tension between the two groups. A US soldier assists an enemy combatant in evading an unknown monster in the buried temple, but that doesn’t mean they will always stay friends.

The trailer demonstrates how a player’s decision can change the outcome of the uneasy alliance between the US and Iraqi soldiers, with one version of events ending in a gunshot, but the outcome is kept secret. As with all of Supermassive’s games, player choices can have major impacts on how the story unfolds, and House Of Ashes appears to have several varied outcomes.

House Of Ashes will also be available in the Pazuzu Edition, including the game, a collectors edition box, sticker, and a 10cm statue of the underworld demon.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes will be released on October 22 2201.


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