‘Humankind’ is free to play this weekend as its expansion gets November release date

The game is also available for 50 per cent off ahead of 'Together We Rule'

In celebration of Humankind’s first expansion getting a November release date, the game can be played for free this weekend.

Humankind, the historical strategy game from developer Amplitude Studios, is available to play for free on Steam now, and will remain so until Monday, October 10. And if you want to keep playing after that, the game is currently available for 50 per cent off as part of the Sega Megamix Sale.

This free weekend comes in celebration of the game’s first expansion, Together We Rule, getting a release date of November 9. The expansion can now be pre-purchased with a ten per cent discount, and will arrive with a major free content update when it releases in November.


The update, called the “Metternich” update, will add new stealth mechanics, revamp independent peoples, allow for third-party battle re-enforcements, as well as adding new UI options and improvements. The Metternich update will be available for free to all players, regardless of if they have purchased Together We Rule or not.

Humankind invites players to re-imagine human history – where, for instance, Brazil was the first country to land on the moon, or a world where the Harappans survived to dominate the Industrial Era.

Together We Rule is a diplomacy-focused expansion for the game, allowing players to vote and decide on global doctrines and arbitrate international conflicts, infiltrate other empires with Agents to gain leverage and force them to act for your benefit, as well as introducing a new Diplomacy affinity.

Publisher Sega says that the expansion will “see the world in a new light and manage conflicts differently with new gameplay features focused on diplomacy and espionage.”

“Gather information via offensive infiltration and secret agents, build embassies to deepen international ties, and lead global relations between all empires via the Congress of Humankind,” added Sega.


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