Humble Bundle raises over $6.5million for coronavirus relief

The funds will support “emergency programs to help stem the spread of COVID-19”

Humble Bundle’s massive Conquer COVID-19 Bundle, which included over US$1,000 worth of content, was a “huge success” according to the company.

The bundle, which was available from March 31 to April 7, sold more than 200,000 sets brought in over $6.5million for charities that are helping in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The organisations include Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Doctors Without Borders and Partners In Health.

The additional funds will go towards providing frontliners with personal protective equipment, medicine for severe cases of COVID-19, and launching more comprehensive efforts to test and treat those most at risk, the charities said in statements to Humble Bundle. Doctors Without Borders added that the money will also “enable our teams to launch emergency programs to help stem the spread of COVID-19 in the hardest-hit communities”.


The IRC also noted that “resources from the Conquer COVID-19 Bundle will help support [the organisation’s] work to support vulnerable populations that are being hit the hardest by this outbreak. IRC teams are on the ground in over 40 countries working round the clock to help rapidly detect, respond and prevent further spread of the disease”. Read the full statements from the charities at Humble Bundle’s official website.

The Conquer COVID-19 Bundle featured critically acclaimed games such as indie RPG Undertale, enchanted versions of both Darksiders I & II and grand strategy wargame Europa Universalis IV. The package also included a slew of digital comic books as well as DRM-free e-books and audiobooks.

Meanwhile, Humble Bundle’s current deal with 2K Games will be available until tomorrow (April 28). Proceeds from this bundle will also go towards a charity that is helping with coronavirus relief, the International Medical Corps, and features titles such as Borderlands and XCOM:Enemy Unknown.

Last month, released the GDC Relief bundle to help those affected by the cancellation of its Game Developers Conference (GDC) due to COVID-19. The package included access to indie games and content from over 165 developers.