Humble Bundle unveils massive Conquer COVID-19 bundle

‘Undertale’, ‘Darksiders’, ‘Europa Universalis IV’ and more for US$30

Humble Bundle has announced the Conquer COVID-19 bundle, a collection of games, comics and books, with proceeds going towards relief efforts in the fight against coronavirus.

The bundle features over US$1,000 worth of content for just US$30 – although buyers are encouraged to give more if they can. All proceeds go toward organisations that are on the frontlines and responding to the coronavirus pandemic. They include Doctors Without Borders, Partners In Health, International Rescue Committee and Direct Relief.

This bundle, which is only on sale for a week, includes a handful of AAA titles alongside a slew of indie games. They include critically acclaimed indie RPG Undertale, enchanted versions of both Darksiders I & II and grand strategy wargame Europa Universalis IV. Hollow Knight, The Witness and VR game SUPERHOT are also in the deal. While indie action/adventure game Zombotron is included in the bundle, access keys are limited – check for availability here.


Besides games, the Conquer COVID-19 bundle includes the first volumes of popular comic book series such as Locke & Key, Spawn Origins and The Boys. Also in the bundle are DRM-free e-books and audiobooks, as well as one free month of Humble Bundle’s Humble Choice subscription service.

All games in the Conquer COVID-19 bundle can be redeemed on Steam. The deal is available for US$30 until April 7. Check out the entire deal at the official Humble Bundle website.

Earlier this week, unveiled its GDC Relief bundle, a ‘pay-what-you-want’ deal to aid developers affected by the cancellation of its Game Developers Conference due to the coronavirus pandemic. The ‘pay-what-you-like’ bundle can be purchased via, with certain games only available to those who contribute US$10 or more.