‘Icarus’ co-op spawning is having unforeseen consequences

Talk about a low budget flight

A player of the recently released survival game Icarus has shared a clip showing how dangerous co-op play can be. 

As noted by PC Gamer, one Icarus player found out the hard way that co-op player spawning can actually do damage. In the game, co-op players spawn in via a space capsule-type deal. This comes as player ButterIsPro, who shared the clip (which can be seen below) was building a house. It doesn’t end well.


In the clip, ButterIsPro’s co-op friend makes quite the entrance, at the cost of the rather rudimentary wooden house being built. Despite all that work going to waste, the situation goes down quite well, which is nice.

Icarus was released on December 3 and is developed by RocketWerkz and Dean Hall, the developer behind the incredibly popular DayZ. The 7,555 reviews on Steam currently sit at a “Mixed” rating, with many players citing bugs and balancing issues that let the game down, although for many it is still quite an enjoyable experience.

The official Steam page for the game reads: “Icarus is a session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players or solo. Explore a savage alien wilderness in the aftermath of terraforming gone wrong. Survive long enough to mine exotic matter, then return to orbit to craft more advanced tech. Meet your deadline or be left behind forever.”

The game was originally slated to release earlier this year, but Hall said that “the game needs a little bit more time to bake to be the most awesome.”

In other news, Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that he has very little time and “zero tolerance” for a console wars mentality and that he would instead rather share the wealth of video games with everyone.

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