‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ third DLC ‘The Lost Gods’ will arrive next week

'The New Gods' will take a "God's Eye" view on the action

Ubisoft have announced that The Lost Gods, the next DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, is set to launch on April 22.

The Lost Gods, is a new story DLC following new protagonist Ash, who travels to Pyrite island in order to find and reunite the gods which left Olympos at the start of the base game.

The DLC is set to change the base game substantially, by focussing on new, brawler style combat, and a top-down isometric viewpoint known as a “god’s eye” view.


In order to aid Ash as she attempts to recruit Poseidon, Hades and others to restore the Pantheon, she will be outfitted with a host of unique abilities, and a customisable upgrade system.

The DLC is prefaced by the addition of a quest in the main game, located to the northeast of Golden Isle, which will preview the new challenges.

The Lost Gods is the final instalment of the three post-launch DLC that were promised for Immortals Fenyx Rising, following A New God, and Myths of the Eastern Realm.

A New God added the Olympos Palace to the map, and tasked Fenyx with appeasing the Gods through various trials utilising all-new gameplay mechanics.

Myths of the Eastern Realm followed a new hero named Ku who embarks on a journey inspired by a popular Chinese myth, Nuwa Mends The Heavens.

All three of the DLC are available to players who purchase the Immortals Fenyx Rising Season Pass for £33.99, and are also available individually for £12.49.


Earlier this month Ubisoft announced that they had hired a new Chief People Officer, Anika Grant, in order to deal with 2020’s reports of workplace toxicity.

In a statement, Grant assured that her new role will “continue making Ubisoft an employer of choice, one that offers its team members exciting challenges, a welcoming and open environment, and the freedom to express their creativity every day”.

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