Indie game developers’ Bundle For Ukraine raises £4.8million for charity

The Bundle For Ukraine was bought by 449,625 contributors and raised £291,813 more than it aimed for

Bundle for Ukraine – a package that offered nearly 1,000 indie games for £8 – has raised over £4.8million for charities working to provide support in Ukraine.

Shortly after Russia commenced its invasion of Ukraine, Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield announced that the studio would be putting together the Bundle For Ukraine – an collection of nearly 1,000 games where all proceeds raised would go straight to charity.

Today (March 18), Sheffield has shared that following the conclusion of the fundraiser, Bundle For Ukraine raised £4,842,456 ($6,370,522) for charity.


The funds will be split between International Medical Corps and Voices Of Children, two organisations that are currently working to support victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

In the ten days that it was available to purchase, the Bundle For Ukraine was bought by 449,625 contributers, and raised £291,813 more than its original goal anticipated.

“I’ll do a bigger thread tomorrow, but for now, thank you all for contributing to this amazing achievement, and may there soon be peace in Ukraine,” shared Sheffield.

When the bundle was first announced, Sheffield said “What we do as game developers can have a very positive effect on the world.”

Superhot included in bundle for ukraine
Superhot. Credit: Superhot Team.


Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, companies from all over the games industry have made a range of donations to charities that support victims of the ongoing war.

In February, Cyberpunk 2077 creator CD Projekt Red announced a donation of £181,000 to Polish humanitarian organisation Polska Akcja Humanitarna, and shared that “The recent invasion on Ukraine, our friends and neighbours, left us shocked and outraged.”

Earlier in the month, 11 Bit Studios donated £520K to the Red Cross in Ukraine, with the funds raised from sales of anti-war game This War Of Mine.

In other news, Valve has reportedly stopped sending Steam payments to developers based in Ukraine.