Indie gem ‘Tunic’ launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Everyone's favourite fox has arrived on some new consoles

As of today (September 27), isometric adventure Tunic is available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

It marks the first time that PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users will get their hands on the game, as Tunic originally launched back in March for PC and Xbox.

For anyone that’s yet to play the game, Tunic is about “a small fox on a big adventure,” and is inspired by Nintendo‘s The Legend Of Zelda series.


“Stranded in a ruined land, and armed with only your own curiosity, you will confront colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel long-lost secrets,” teases Tunic‘s Nintendo eShop page.

Tunic. Credit: Andrew Shouldice

Along the way, players are tasked with solving puzzles, restoring the game’s Instruction Manual, and taking on challenging bosses.

However, Tunic is best played without knowing too much about the game – as our review praised in March, one of Tunic‘s biggest strengths is in encouraging players to seek things out through their own curiosity, rather than following a guide.

“It feels akin to playing a big adventure game or RPG and skipping all of the tutorials,” reads our review. “You have a vague idea of what everything probably does, but Tunic desperately wants you to allow your curiosity to lead you.”

Tunic player, a fox, kneels at a shrine resembling a larger fox.
Tunic’s music and sound design complements its visuals perfectly. Credit: Finji.


Earlier in the year, we spoke to Tunic composer Lifeformed – real name Terence Lee – about how they created the game’s soundtrack.

“We kind-of intentionally wanted the memory of what we liked about retro game soundtracks to guide us when we were making Tunic, but not so much the literal soundtracks themselves,” shared Lee. “The game kind of feels that way too; what you remember games of your past to be like. And we thought it would be nice to bring that into a modern context by just letting what we had in our minds manifest.”

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