IO Interactive reportedly working on a “dragon-themed IP” for Xbox

IO Interactive's CEO had previously confirmed the studio was working on a third IP after Hitman and Bond

IO Interactive may be leaving the world of assassination behind for something very different.

According to a report from Windows Central Gaming, it is working on a fantasy RPG dubbed ‘Project Dragon’ and is in partnership with Microsoft to publish it under the Xbox Game Studios banner.

The report also refers to an interview IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak recently had with, where he confirmed that besides its previously announced Project 007 it was also working on another new IP.


“Without going into too much detail, we have a third universe that we’re working actively on, which is a bit different and absolutely a love child,” Abrak said in the interview. “It is something our core people, our veteran staff, have been dreaming about for some time.”

The Windows Central Gaming article also mentioned that IO Interactive has been posting job listings for live multiplayer positions at the company, the department for these also referred to as Dragon.

The rumour was first hinted at by Xbox insider @klobrille earlier this month, tweeting: “Sometimes there are gaming news which seem boring on the surface, but actually are the beginning of something ambitious and have a direct connection to Xbox. That sometimes moment happened this week.”

They later corroborated the news from Windows Central Gaming, although adding that the game would still be “years away. But it’s exciting”.



PlatinumGames had previouslybeen developing action RPG Scalebound as an Xbox One exclusive since 2013. The game was cancelled by Microsoft in 2017.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has promised massive reduction in fees taken from developers.

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