Issue of “resources” is why ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ is yet to come to Xbox

The Xbox One version was originally announced in 2019

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has explained why the popular fantasy MMO has yet to come to Xbox platforms.

Back in 2019 at Xbox’s XO19 press event, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that Final Fantasy XIV would finally be coming to Xbox One.

Since then however, despite patch updates for the game, there had been no mention on the port’s development.


In an interview with VG247, Yoshida addressed the issue first by saying: “There are no obstacles for developing the Xbox version.”

However, he then went on to explain that the main obstacle from bringing Final Fantasy XIV over to Xbox has been a lack of resources.

“The sole factors are the workload and the order of steps,” he continued. “Now when it comes to the Xbox version, there’s unfortunately not much I can say presently but just that we cannot work on all the steps simultaneously and need to follow the order for proceeding with these things.”

Development had also been previously impacted due to the team having to adjust to working from home at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic last year, which led to a number of delays of patch updates.

Meanwhile, the priority remains on updating Final Fantasy XIV for PC and PS4, including the forthcoming Endwalker expansion announced for autumn 2021.


Final Fantasy XIV will at least still be coming to one new platform, as the beta on PS5 is due in April for everyone who already owns the game.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has confirmed that more Final Fantasy games will still be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The most recent addition has been Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which joined the subscription service last week.