‘Joe Danger’ games get remastered release on iOS

Original owners can download the updated version for free

Hello Games has released an update for two Joe Danger games to celebrate the original’s 10th anniversary.

Joe Danger has been relaunched on iOS with remastered visuals, higher frame rate, ProMotion, and gamepad support. Sean Murray, the CEO of Hello Games, revealed the update on Twitter, adding that the remaster was created because of fan mail.

“A secret shame of ours is that the success of No Man’s Sky left our first game Joe Danger unloved. Sadly since iOS culled older games it no longer worked on latest Apple devices.”


Murray continued, “As game devs it’s so easy to underestimate the impact even your smallest games can have. It blows my mind that something you make can be someone’s first game they played, hit at an important time or even be their favourite thing for a while.”

“It’s been a hobby project bringing Joe Danger back to life. Slowly rebuilding it piece by piece through eight years of technology changes. Picture Joe now riding off into the sunset waving at us all, smiling, a proud tear in his eye”

Those who own the original Joe Danger will be able to download the updated versions of the games for free. Otherwise, it can be picked up on the Apple App Store as the Joe Danger Action Pack for £2.99.

Murray added, “Joe Danger was our first game when we were still four guys in a shed, trying to get noticed. Publishers weren’t interested, houses were even re-mortgaged to bring it to completion… Joe helped us get a break and it’s also where we learned to make games.”


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