Jordan Pickford gets gaming set-up shipped to Qatar to play ‘Fortnite’

The England goalkeeper says he's "just trying to get the best frames, to get the upper hand"

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has had his gaming set-up shipped to Qatar so he can play Fortnite during the World Cup.

The tournament, based in and around the capital city of Doha, has been running since late November and has seen England win three out of their four games – most recently a knockout match against Senegal. They play a quarter final match against France on Saturday (December 10).

To help him unwind between games, Pickford has made sure that he has his whole gaming set-up with him in Qatar, as revealed in an interview with the team’s media.


During the video interview, a clip of Pickford wheeling his sizeable set-up into the England camp is shown to him before the goalkeeper explained further.

“I’m not messing about,” he said. “We’ve got a PC set-up at home, and I’ve always had a laptop when I come away, but it was winding me up every time. I’ve got a guy who built the screen that I use at home for high-quality laptop that connects together.”

Pickford then joked: “I’m just trying to get the best frames, get the upper hand.”

Watch the conversation below from the eight-minute mark.

Elsewhere in the Fortnite universe, the game ushered in a new universe this week with the launch of Chapter Four.


The game’s third map was brought to a surprisingly early end following the conclusion of its most recent season, finishing at the weekend with the finale event Fracture. The island was consumed by the invading Chrome in a brief cutscene before the commencement of an extended 30-minute event mode where players had to reforge the island with a mixture of old and new locations.

Now, the game has announced a host of guest characters for its battle pass. Currently, the only one available to play currently is the Doom Slayer from Bethesda’s Doom games, who was rumoured to be lined up as a guest character in Fortnite as far back as a year ago. He can be unlocked at level 26 of the battle pass.

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