‘Killing Floor 2’ goes to the moon in Interstellar Insanity event

Low g slaughter on the moon

Tripwire Interactive has released a new summer event for Killing Floor 2 called Interstellar Insanity, which is available now.

Interstellar Insanity is the latest seasonal event released for Killing Floor 2. Players will now be taking their zed killing to the moon, where a Horzine research outpost has been run. The new Moonbase map is available for all players and features low gravity.

Along with the new map, Interstellar Insanity also adds two weapons for free. One is the HRG Bastion for the SWAT class. This LMG has an energy shield to protect the wielder while firing large volumes of bullets at approaching zeds. The other free weapon is the HRG Blast Brawlers for the support class. These energy-infused gauntlets can be used to smash through enemies.


Killing Floor 2‘s new purchasable weapon bundle is also available, which adds two new weapons. One is the famas master key for the Commando and Support players. This is an assault rifle with an underslung shotgun. The second weapon in the bundle is the thermite bore launcher for the firebug perk.

The new KF2 event also includes new astronaut-style cosmetics, returning summer sideshow zeds, and two new game modes. The new game modes are scavenger and arachnophobia and join the weekly rotation of different ways to slay zeds.

Killing Floor 2 has also joined Steam’s summer game showcase as well as other sales. The game is 75 per cent off but only for a further twenty-two hours, so make sure to grab it while you can.

Elsewhere, Bungie has told Destiny 2 data miners to stop spoiling content after an upcoming free emblem code was discovered. Unfortunately, data miners then started offering the purchase of the code for those wanting early access.

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