Klei reveals ‘Rotwood’ with in-game footage teaser trailer

Klei Entertainment's newest game 'Rotwood' received a first-look at some in-game footage for The PC Gaming Show 2022

Klei Entertainment has revealed a trailer for their forthcoming game, Rotwood. Klei has become one of the biggest names in indie titles, with games like Don’t Starve Together, Shank and Mark of the Ninja among their roster already.

Klei has been busy with Klei Fest in full swing, and has announced the formation of Klei Publishing as well as all of its games news.

Their newest title Rotwood is garnering a lot of attention and at the PC Gaming Show 2022, it made an appearance. Prior to this, only the title had been revealed so the official teaser trailer will be a welcome reveal for fans of the indie developer.


The animated game shows multi-enemy combat, veering on an all-out brawl. The co-op hack and slash showed corrupted enemies being defeated and players being given the option to wear parts which dropped, with one character donning a pumpkin helmet from a fallen frog enemy. In the dungeon-crawler format, Rotwood shows magic-themed spells as special attacks and abilities.

“Explore and fight through a labyrinthian maze of dense forest and vicious vegetation with up to 3 of your friends. Forge your path through ever-increasing challenges and rewards to bring the spoils of your adventure back and craft new weapons and armor or fortify your safe haven,” teases the game’s Steam page.

Alongside Rotwood, Klei is currently working on updates for their back catalogue, including the Cawnival update for Don’t Starve Together and the Fast Friends update for Oxygen Not Included.

In other news, Starfield received an in-depth gameplay trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, and brings Bethesda’s “most flexible character creation yet”.