Larian Studios rolls back ‘Baldur’s Gate III’ patch due to issues with saves

Players reported problems loading older save files

Larian Studios has rolled back the first Baldur’s Gate III patch due to issues with saved games, just hours after it went live.

The first-ever full-scale Baldur’s Gate III patch went live on October 13 and featured a slew of major bug fixes and improvements to help with overall stability. “Fewer glitches, better stability and more polish,” the developer had stated in the patch notes. The tweaks ranged from leveling issues, progression fixes and more.

However, the updates have since been rolled back to the previous version due to issues with saved files, Larian Studio announced on Twitter. According to the developer, players started facing issues with previous save files not loading after the patch was applied.


“Save progression is meant to be retained after applying the patch we launched today,” Larian Studios said. “We’ve reverted to the previous build while we solve the save issue experienced by some players. Please bear with us, but once reverted you should be able to continue playing. We’ll redeploy the patch when fixed!”

The developer has yet to announce a timeline for the patch’s return. Check out the tweets below.

Baldur’s Gate III was released into early access earlier this month on October 6. In a raving four-and-a-half star review of the game, NME’s Jordan Oloman called the game “an ambitiously built, well-written tale of adventure framed by lovable companions and stunning fidelity”.

Baldur’s Gate III will stay in early access for at least the next year, according to a report from Wccftech. The game is currently available for PC and Mac via Steam, as well as on the Google Stadia.

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