‘League Of Legends’ designers share an early look at patch 12.2

Along with plenty of other balance tweaks, patch 12.2 includes some big changes for Tahm Kench and Janna

Several designers at Riot Games have shared a League Of Legends patch 12.2 preview, detailing what changes to champions, items and other game features are coming to.

On Twitter, Riot Phlox shared a general patch 12.2 preview that gave an overall look at what was going to be changed. The preview details buffs for “the wind brothers” (Yasuo and Yone), as “they suffered substantially from the Shieldbox changes and dropped to around 47.5 per cent winrate each, a fair bit lower than intended”.

There’s also buffs for Nocturne, Volibear, Veigar, Tristana and Senna. In terms of buffs, two items – Rylais and Lich Bane – are also going to be a bit stronger in patch 12.2.


On the other hand, there’s quite a few targets to be dialed down in League Of Legends as Shen, Talon, Qiyana, Lulu and Zed are all going to receive nerfs. Lethal tempo will also be toned down, as well as Dragon buffs from Chemtech Soul and Hextech Soul.

Patch 12.2 also has “adjustments” to Tahm Kench, Janna and Rengar planned. Elsewhere on Twitter, principal character designer Riot August has explained Janna’s changes in a bit more detail. These changes include taking away bonus damage from her passive in return for a stronger Q skill, as well as a changes to her W and E abilities.

August has also shared what Senna players can expect from her buff. With patch 12.2, Senna’s Q will now slow enemies it hits by 20 per cent. According to August, this is because the design team “felt that old glacial did a lot for Senna’s pattern” and they wanted to find a way to let Senna keep a slow in her kit.

Finally, some hefty changes for Tahm Kench have been detailed in the PBE. As per SurrenderAt20, the changes look to ground Tahm Kench in his original support role. Players can also test Zeri, the next League Of Legends champion, on the PBE.


In other news, Against The Current has released a new track called ‘Wildfire’ in collaboration with the League Of Legends European Championship (LEC).