‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.20 preview shows nerfs and adjustments

"Now that Worlds is locked in, we’re back to a more normal patch"

A preview for the latest League Of Legends patch, 11.20, has revealed several details regarding upcoming nerfs and changes.

In a tweet from a Riot dev, details about patch 11.20 were previewed, as the game reverts to a more “normal” build after the League Of Legends World Championship final on October 5. The tweet specifies this, saying that “now that Worlds is locked in, we’re back to a more normal patch. We’re following up on a few changes that overshot a bit and otherwise doing some adjustments for soloq champs.”


The main reduction changes appear to be nerfs to systems Lord Dominik’s Regards and Smite’s Healing, and nerfs to Champions Taliyah, Amamu, Singed, Jarvan IV, Irelia, and Shen. Conversely, champions Senna, Darius, Elise, Hecarim, and Udyr appear to be getting a buff.

Patch 11.20 will be released on October 6, with fans anticipating it for a while thanks to Riot’s patch notes schedule. New skins are expected with the update, but so far the only information present is the above preview.

Riot Games has recently shared a development blog discussing how the Behavioral Systems Team is approaching the problem of AFK (away from keyboard) players in League Of Legends.

The maximum AFK punishment was previously just five games where players had to wait 15 minutes before queuing, the introduction of three new tiers of this queue lockout means that players will be entirely prevented from queuing up for one, three, seven and 14 days respectively.

In other news, The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz has joined Riot Games to work on its upcoming League Of Legends MMO.


Tomaszkiewicz announced the news on Twitter, saying he was “excited and looking forward to this new challenge”. The former quest director said he had spent “the last few months” weighing up his options, and was pleased to announce the change.