‘League Of Legends’ trailer reveals Vex, a shadow-slinging new champion

"You're sad AND dead? We should hang out"

Riot Games has shared a look at upcoming League Of Legends champion Vex, a gloomy Yordle that uses a literal shadow to take down enemies

The trailer for Vex was released today (September 2) and shows the miserable champion using a shadowy monster – a personality called Shadow – to kill off some of the cheerier champions across the rift.


From a first look, her standard abilities include a blast of shadows that splashes outward upon hitting a champion, a fear-based CC skill, and AOE based damage. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability sends Shadow long distances and, in a similar fashion to Kai Sa’s Void Seeker skill, allows Vex to teleport to an enemy that it hits. Following this, Vex then repeatedly dashes to even more enemy champions, which suggests the teleport is reset upon champion kills.

While further details will be available once Riot Games announce her skills in full, the first look at Vex matches perfectly with Riot’s teaser of a “gloomy mage” in the mid lane. The end of the trailer also reveals a much brighter, neon-themed skin for Vex, though this has yet to be fully announced.

Vex was originally meant to arrive before Akshan, even appearing in the recent Sentinel’s Of Light event as a starring character, but was pushed back to a later release.

As details on the next League Of Legends patch make no mention of Vex, it’s possible that the gloomy champion may need to wait until patch 11.19 to make her appearance.

In other news, Riot Games is hosting an interactive virtual concert by Pentakill, a heavy metal band made up of champions from League Of Legends. This iteration of the band is joined by Viego, with who Vex was last seen trying to help take over the world..