LEGO officially announces set based on the NES, coming next month

Relive your childhood with the nostalgic LEGO set

After being teased yesterday (July 13), LEGO has officially announced a set based around the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The detailed set marks the 35th anniversary for the NES and includes replicas of the console, the controller, a Super Mario Bros. game cartridge and a retro-styled 1980s television set. LEGO’s latest model will include 2646 pieces and retail at GPB£209.99 when it releases on August 1.

By turning a crank on the side on the TV set, the stage will advance with a mini Mario running along, jumping and collection coins, creating the illusion that you’re playing the original game.


Coming out on the same day is a variety of Super Mario LEGO sets, with a starter pack bundled with an electronic LEGO Mario. The figurine can also interact with the NES set, with Mario reacting to enemies, obstacles and power-ups, all while playing the original games classic theme tune.

Check out the set and all the features in action below.

LEGO has partnered with the video game world for many years now, with a wide array of titles across numerous console generations. It previously paired up with Blizzard to create sets based around Overwatch and the game’s cast of characters.

A new LEGO Star Wars title is also coming later this year titled The Skywalker Saga and will incorporate all nine films. The game will completely rebuild the levels from past LEGO Star Wars games and promises to be a larger and more expansive take than the original titles.


For players who grew up with consoles such as the NES, Nintendo Online is offering multiple free old-school games this month (July) as part of its subscription service. Classic titles such as Donkey Kong Country, Natsume Championship Wrestling and the The Immortal will all be available to play.

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