LEGO has teased a new set based on the classic NES console

Numerous leaks have given a full look at what the set will look like

LEGO has uploaded a mysterious teaser clip for its upcoming set which suggests it will be based upon the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The first official glimpse was provided via the company’s social media channels. During the short clip both the NES and a television set reminiscent of many found during the ’80s can be briefly seen. Accompanying the clip is a caption which reads: “Are you ready to play like never before?”

Check out the short teaser below.


Numerous leaks today from both a Chinese website known as VJGamer and German site titled Promo Bricks have supported the reveal. Both have showcased images of the set that reveal it will be a replica of the classic console, complete with a TV which displays a LEGO-inspired Super Mario Bros. game. A crank on the side of the TV set will rotate the TV image to give the illusion that Mario is progressing through the level.

According to the reports, the set will arrive on August 1 and retail at €229.99, converting to roughly £206.00.

Last month, LEGO provided a full glimpse of its upcoming Super Mario sets. The premise is to create an interactive experience through LEGO and allow players to play through built-up Super Mario levels physically.

A starter pack will be available, with additional sets available as add-ons. Power-up sets will award Mario new suits to be utilised across the courses. Character packs will also offer collectible enemies to build and decorate the sets with.

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