Less than 1 per cent of Netflix’s 221million subscribers play its games

The games average around 1.7million daily players

According to data, fewer than one per cent of Netflix’s subscribers are playing the games included with the TV and film streaming service.

Since last year, Netflix has offered a number of games with its streaming service – which will reportedly increase to 50 by the end of this year – that can be downloaded separately at no extra cost.

Data from CNBC and Apptopia indicates that of Netflix’s 221million subscribers, the games have been downloaded 23.3million times and average daily users of around 1.7million – or less than one per cent of the service’s subscribers.


With more streaming services creating competition for Netflix, this strategy of mobile games is undoubtedly being used to set itself apart from other services. That said, Netflix lost around 1million subscribers earlier this year, which was less than its projected loss of 2million.

Lucky Luna. Credit: Netflix Games

Whilst Netflix is adding the likes of Spiritfarer and a number of titles from Devolver Digital to its games service, there are also some original titles based on actual Netflix series’ on the way as well. A narrative RPG based on Shadow And Bone is coming, alongside The Queen’s Gambit Chess, based on the hit original series.

The core of Netflix’s video game strategy is still somewhat vague, via CNBC. Back in June the company’s head of external games, Leanne Loombe, said: “We’re still intentionally keeping things a little bit quiet because we’re still learning and experimenting and trying to figure out what things are going to actually resonate with our members, what games people want to play.”

In other news, YouTube: Game On is a new show coming to the platform later this month, which will let viewers interact with and make choices in games being played by creators.