‘Little Nightmares II’ gets 4K ‘Enhanced Edition’ for PS5, Xbox Series X|S

A dream come true

Publisher Bandai Namco has released an ‘Enhanced Edition’ of its disturbing horror adventure Little Nightmares II, bringing a 4K overhaul to the game.

The sneakily released update is tailored for players on Xbox Series X, PS5, and higher end PCs. The game will be available as a free upgrade for new gen console owners who purchased the PS4 or Xbox One versions, while PC players will simply have to download a patch.

The upgrade will offer two visual modes. ‘Performance’ mode will run the game in 2160p resolution at 60fps, while ‘Beauty’ mode will push the visuals to 4K with a dynamic resolution at 30fps.


As with seemingly any 4K improvement, Little Nightmares II will also benefit from ray-tracing, with an emphasis on reflections that will differ in clarity and definition depending on the reflective surface itself, volumetric shadows, and interactive particles that respond to the movements of player characters Mono and Six, or their terrifying, giant enemies.

The game has also received a new 3D soundscape mix, which Bandai Namco says creates “a more involving experience when listening via 5.1 /7.1 audio systems or headphones”.

While the original release of the game was developed by Tarsier StudiosLittle Nightmares II: Enhanced Edition has been handled by Supermassive Games. Some of the differences and improvements made to the game can be seen in the announcement trailer below.

Bandai Namco also said that Little Nightmares II has passed the 2million copies sold threshold, doubling its sales since it hit 1million in March 2021.

Little Nightmares II: Enhanced Edition is Bandai Namco’s first Gamescom announcement of the year, with more to come during Opening Night Live. The showcase kicks off at 6:30 PM BST (10:30 AM PT) tonight, August 25, with a 30-minute pre-show – here’s how to watch.


In other news, Wasteland 3’s final expansion pack, Cult of the Holy Detonation, is set to arrive in October, alongside a complete edition of the base game and all DLC to date.