‘Lost Ark’ gets its first major content update with new quests and raids

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Lost Ark is gaining its first big content update later this month with details already revealed as to what players can expect.

On the Lost Ark blog, developer Smilegate has revealed its intentions. While the update won’t include the roadmap that was suggested earlier this month, it will offer a new story episode.

The episode will let players “learn more about the Sidereals and search for the legendary Kadan”. Kadan is the “first Guardian slayer”. The storyline will include its own quests, new islands, and plenty of cutscenes too. To get to the final Ark, players will need to have completed Feiton and reach item level 1,100.


The update will also include a new end-game activity in the form of Abyss Raids. Starting with Argos, a team of eight will need to take down a big guardian within a time limit and with a limited number of revives. Players will battle through three phases with each leaving behind a reward that can be collected once per week.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate.

Smilegate has also teased that more will come in the March update. The developer says to “stay tuned for the full release notes” including bug fixes and any planned downtime.

While Lost Ark continues to have issues with bots, it has been a huge success, frequently topping the Steam’s most-played games list. The game hit over 1million concurrent players when it launched, putting it at the top of Steam‘s most-played game list.

Lost Ark also sailed past 500,000 concurrent players before the game had even hit its official release date, as those with early access played the game.


Elsewhere in gaming, Stalker 2 development has been “shifted to the sidelines” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The developer wants to instead focus on the safety of its employees and their families.

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