‘Lost Ark’ March update adds Arkesia Grand Prix

Time to break out the Wii wheel

The March update for Lost Ark has just dropped and it includes plenty of additions to the MMO, including a kart racing-inspired grand prix race.

The game’s March update went live recently (March 10) and it includes plenty of extra content additions and bug fixes, but perhaps the most interesting is the inclusion of a grand prix in the game.

Only available for the next month, the Arkesia Grand Prix pits two teams of seven against each other whilst transformed into a creature, with progress measured by “reaching the goal and eating cakes!”


To access the race all players need to do is find an NPC called the Arkesia Grand Prix Master in any of the game’s major cities (other than Prideholme), who will give players a quest to start the race. Players also need to be at least level 50 to enter the event.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate.

The March update for Lost Ark also includes new skins and new log-in daily bonuses for 25 days, with additional rewards on consecutive days.

The Kadan Story Episode has also been added, and will feature a new storyline, new quests, new islands and cinematics as well.

“Players will need to have completed Feiton, alongside completing the following quests: ‘Yorn – Let There Be Light’, ‘Whispering Islet – Start of Our Story’, and ‘Illusion Bamboo Island – End of the Trials’ as a prerequisite before embarking on the new end-game quest lines. Both Isteri & Illusion Bamboo islands are recommended for players at item level 1100,” reads the update announcement.

A new raid featuring the Guardian Argos has also been added, and the three phase raid requires eight players. The guide quest “Abyss Raid Unlocked” needs to be completed first, and after that players need to meet at an Abyss Raid Statue in any of Lost Ark’s major cities.


A long list of bug fixes were also detailed, all of which can be found here.

In other gaming news, Xbox has announced an indie games showcase for next week, and teased what will appear during it.

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