‘Lost Ark’ “will catch up” quickly to eastern version

No roadmap yet though

Lost Ark will catch up with the eastern versions “quickly”, according to an interview with Amazon Game Studios.

Amazon Game Studios franchise leader, Soomin Park, has explained in an interview with PCGamesN that the team is working with Smilegate on post-launch content moving forward.

He explained that “The western version of Lost Ark will start off a bit behind other versions, but will catch up quickly due to our post-launch content plans”. While “the western and eastern versions of Lost Ark will always have some variations between each other”, players will start to see more similarities.


Right now, the main differences come down to class and specialisation variety. The western version has five classes and 15 specialisations, while the Korean version has many more. Last month, it was announced that new classes would be added alongside a roadmap of what to expect.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark. Credit: Smilegate RPG.

Park told PCGamesN that “player feedback is at the core of how both Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG build and service games”. The teams plan to “provide opportunities for players to test content and give their thoughts” so that each update can be as polished as possible.

The roadmap has yet to be released, but Lost Ark did enjoy its first major content update last week. The update added a new story episode along with a new end-game activity.

Earlier this week, it was also announced that Lost Ark had surpassed 20million players worldwide.

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