‘Lost Judgment’ School Stories expansion pack launches early

Study up on... *checks notes* dance, boxing, and robots?

Lost Judgment’s School Stories expansion has launched ahead of schedule and is available now.

Originally planned for release as post-launch content on October 26, developer RGG Studio has announced that the Lost Judgment School Stories DLC has launched across all platforms today (October 12).

The content is separate to the main story, and sees protagonist Detective Yagami going undercover in a high school. This leads to him becoming embroiled in a number of cases related to different students and activities.


The Lost Judgment School Stories expansion DLC includes a new motorcycle, parts and a race course, new outfits and special moves available for the Dance Club minigame, while a new robot is available in the Robotics Club.

The more substantial extra is for the Boxing gym section where players will be able to spar against Yagami’s friends, Kaito, Sugiura, and Higashi. Even better, a fourth boxing combat style will also unlock to add to Yagami’s Tiger, Crane, and Snake fighting styles.

The School Stories expansion will automatically unlock for fans who have bought the digital deluxe or ultimate edition of Lost Judgment. It can also be purchased separately for £3.99.

Another expansion, ‘The Kaito Files’, is due in Spring 2022, which will be an independent story starring Kaito, with his own unique moves and abilities.

Since the release of Lost Judgment, RGG Studio has announced a restructuring of its staff, as Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has left Sega after a 32-year career at the company, along with former RGG studio director Daisuke Sato.


Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XIV is now the most profitable game in the series’ history, with the MMO also reaching a new milestone of 24million registered players.

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