Low-key skateboarding game ‘The Ramp’ launches on Steam today

Try not to bail

A new skateboarding game from one of the developers of Islanders called The Ramp launches on Steam today.

The Ramp doesn’t feature the score-based, item-collection nature of other skateboarding titles. It instead focuses on encouraging players to find a flow, and enjoy the act of skateboarding in its purest form.

With no points and unlockables, players simply skate their way across four levels, which include a half-pipe, a pool, two connected pools, and a mega ramp. Players can grind, pump and grab across each level, mimicking the act of skateboarding vert in real life.


The Ramp features a unique pumping mechanic, which allows players to gain speed during play. Pumping is a technique used by skateboarders in real life to gain speed while riding ramps. It allows the players to maintain momentum without having to push.

Developer Paul Schnepf is hesitant to call The Ramp a game, instead, labelling it a “digital skateboarding toy” and a ‘personal flow sandbox where players can grab a 10 or 15 minute ride whenever they feel like it’.

The Ramp releases on Steam today, you can view its store page here.

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