Lucid Games is hiring for an open-world “next generation” multiplayer game

These job listings could be connected to a rumoured 'Twisted Metal' reboot

A series of job listings has revealed that Lucid Games is working on a open world multiplayer game, with “next generation” platforms in mind.

Several job listings from Lucid Games (thanks, Exputer) have offered insight into what the UK-based studio is working on now.

One job listing – which looks for a senior multiplayer programmer – invites applicants to join Lucid Games in creating “an exciting next generation multiplayer game”. The job listing also mentions that “knowledge & experience of the Unreal Engine networking framework” is desired, which seemingly confirms the engine that Lucid Games will use.


Elsewhere on the site, another job listing advertises a position for an open world level designer to join the studio. Going on, the listing says a successful applicant will be working on a “brand new unannounced title” that will include a “deep exciting game world”. As spotted on Twitter, more job listings request a technical game designer for “an unannounced first-party flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5“.

Finally, one more job listing also shares that Lucid Games is looking for an “experienced” free-to-play designer. Interestingly, this job listing shares that desired experience includes an “understanding of multiplayer vehicle games”.

This further fuels rumours that Lucid Games is working on a Twisted Metal reboot – especially because these rumours alleged that the reboot would be free-to-play.

Back in August, Twisted Metal director David Jaffe said he “hadn’t heard a thing” about a franchise reboot and added that he would be “very, very hurt” if he wasn’t consulted on it.

As well as Lucid Games’ reported reboot, Twisted Metal is also getting a TV show adaptation as an action-comedy. According to reports, actor Will Arnett will be an executive producer for the show and could even voice the character Needles Kane.


In other news, Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley has said that ongoing toxicity in multiplayer games “wasn’t the future for Xbox Live we envisioned”.

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