‘Mafia 3’ studio was working on a multiplayer game with superheroes

Since cancelled at a $53million loss

Take-Two‘s new earnings statement has revealed the existence of a cancelled unannounced project that caused a $53million (£39million) loss for the firm. It’s likely that the game was a multiplayer game featuring superheroes.

The news has been pieced together by PCGamer and Bloomberg. Reportedly, the pricey project was codenamed Volt and was an online game featuring superheroes.

Supposedly in development since 2017, it was being worked on by Hangar 13. The studio is best known for Mafia 3 and Mafia: Definitive Edition.  The game underwent “multiple iterations” but struggled with many problems. Besides development issues, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted things too.


2K executives eventually decided the project was not a “worthwhile investment because of the amount of time needed in development.”

Mafia Definitive Edition. Credit: 2K Games/Hangar 13

According to the Bloomberg report, Hangar 13 employees will be meeting today to discuss next steps for the studio after the cancellation of the game.

While that might not bode well for Volt – whatever that game actually entailed – it should not be a problem for Hangar 13. While the California studio was busy on the mysterious game, it also has offices in the UK and the Czech Republic. Reassuringly, it continues to advertise for a number of development positions. It was founded in 2014 and absorbed 2K Czech in 2017. The company was hit with substantial layoffs in 2018 but it wasn’t all bad news then. That same year, its VP of development, Andy Wilson, explained that it was working on a new IP. It’s likely that the developer is working on more than just Volt.

In other gaming news, EA has claimed that NFT and blockchain games are “the future”. In an earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson said that while it was “still early to tell”, he believed that the future would be based around collectible digital content.

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