‘Magic: The Gathering’s’ newest set takes place in Baldur’s Gate

Roll for initiative

Magic the Gathering has announced its newest set, Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

If the name wasn’t obvious, this set will be a crossover with Dungeons & Dragons that takes place in the famous city of Baldur’s Gate. It is the second set released by Wizards that allows players to play draft in the Commander multiplayer format.

For those unfamiliar, the Commander Magic format is centred around commander cards and was originally popularised by fans. The first Commander Legends set was released back in 2020. This time around, players will be getting familiar with the ambience of the city of Baldur’s Gate as they duel for supremacy. The Magic team released a debut video to showcase the new set.


This set will be adding a couple of new card mechanics. Firstly, there is the “Take the Initiative” mechanic. This mechanic lets the player delve into the Undercity, a dungeon. Once a player has the initiative, they automatically enter the dungeon at the start of their upkeep phase. However, if you are attacked with a creature and they deal damage then the initiative is stolen.

Then there is “Background”. Certain creature cards will allow you to choose their backstory. This is done by adding a legendary enchantment to the legendary creature. The background acts as a second commander, allowing you to use it with your other commander.

Other card mechanics will be making a return, such as “Dungeons”, the “Gate” land subtype and in true Dungeons & Dragons fashion, “Dice Rolling” is also returning from the previous D&D set.

Prerelease events for Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate will be starting on June 3 with the paper version being released on June 10.


In other news, updates on Final Fantasy 7 are coming soon.

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