Manchester City uses ‘Roblox’ to unveil new football kit

The collaboration with Puma coincides with the kit’s real-world launch

Manchester City and Puma have teamed up with Roblox to reveal the team’s new football kit.

The limited edition event, which coincides with the kit’s real-world launch, gives players the chance to get their hands on a digital third kit jersey by winning a game of Football Rush in Puma And The Land Of Games. The offer is available for two weeks. Players will also be able to purchase the kit in Puma’s Roblox gear shop.

As well as players being able to get the new kit in-game, the event includes a Man City-inspired reskin of the current Puma And The Land Of Games lobby as well as “new community-created merchandise, new in-experience, layered clothing items and updates to featured activities.”


Roblox has also introduced a portal between Manchester City’s Blue Moon experience and Puma And The Land Of Games, with players able to get free items when they visit both experiences.

Furthermore, Puma has announced details of a Football Rush tournament that will be streamed on YouTube. Featuring two teams of five, the winners will receive £8200 to be used in Roblox.

“We’re thrilled to continue evolving our experience within Roblox with our Puma And The Land Of Games,” Puma’s creative culture director Ivan Dashkov said. “We couldn’t think of a better partner than Manchester City and this kit launch (will) push the limits by doing something different and innovative. As we continue to test and learn in the Web3 space, we are looking forward to leveraging Roblox as a platform to connect with fans of all ages.”

“It is exciting that we’re able to work with Puma to announce the launch of our first kit in the metaverse today,” said City Football Groups’ director of retail and licensing, Serena Gosling. “As a club we’re continually exploring new ways to innovate, collaborate and use the latest technology in order to challenge ourselves to ensure we engage with all areas of our fan base, particularly our younger audiences who are the next generation of fans.”


Earlier this week, Roblox came under fire from developers for not providing enough support in helping them ban exploiters from their games.

“The enjoyment I get out of developing games on Roblox doesn’t even start to outweigh the burnout myself and my moderation teams suffer through,” wrote one dev. “It’s so much larger of an issue than just an anti-cheat problem and it never feels like any meaningful progress is made by (Roblox Corporation) to assist developers with these issues.”