Marci is the latest hero to join ‘Dota 2’

The super-strong Marci is joining the popular MOBA

Valve has officially revealed the newest hero who will be joining the Dota 2 roster.

Announcing the news during The International 2021 with a new character trailer, Valve confirmed that the newest Dota 2 hero to be featured in the MOBA is Marci, best known for her debut in the animate Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated spin-off show.

“Some loyalties transcend barriers. Unleash the dauntless strength of Marci this fall as she powers her way from Dota: Dragon’s Blood to the battle of the Ancients in Dota 2,” the video description reads.


It’s unclear at this time what abilities Marci will have in the game, but fans of the animated show will know that the character has super strength and uses her fists in hand-to-hand combat, so it’s likely she’ll have a melee fighting style in the MOBA, possibly a Jungler.

You can check out the  Marci reveal trailer below:

The reveal trailer depicts the 2D animation of Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood by Studio Mir, and then proceeds to transform into a 3D character model of what the character will look like in-game.

In the animated show, Marci is the close ally and companion to Mirana the archer and uses sign language to communicate. With Marci now making her way to the popular MOBA, it’s a possibility that other characters from the Netflix show could also make their debut in the future.


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