‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ trailer reveals full roster and game modes

Nintendo's big summer game is almost ready to tee off

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush ahead of its release on Nintendo Switch next month.

The five-minute overview trailer showcases the full playable roster as well as a number of previously unannounced modes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush includes 16 playable characters from the Mario series, including for the first time Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey and King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64.


The game supports multiplayer for up to four players, which includes online battles.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Players can also create their own Mii character for use in the game’s single-player ‘Golf Adventure’ mode, where they can take on challenges, complete quests and take on boss battles.

Mii characters who gain experience and level up in ‘Golf Adventure’, can also be used in multiplayer modes.

The signature game mode for Mario Golf: Super Rush is ‘Speed Golf’, where players all golf at the same time while racing along the course using powers ups or each character’s unique Special Dashes and Special Shots.


Another new mode is ‘Battle Golf’, which is described as ‘Speed Golf’ with special rules set in a single arena-style course. Golfers will be required to capture three flags to win the game.

Mario Golf: Super Rush arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 25.

Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed record profits and sales across 2020. It also recently announced Game Builder Garage, a new visual game programming platform for aspiring developers.