‘Martha Is Dead”s censored scenes have now been revealed

Graphic violence and sexual conversations have been removed

A number of censored scenes from the PlayStation version of horror game Martha Is Dead have been revealed.

The list was created by VGC, which compared the Xbox Series X version of Martha Is Dead with its PlayStation counterparts. It found that three scenes had been altered in Sony‘s version in different ways. The following list contains spoilers for the game, so readers should only continue if they don’t mind knowing story elements.

Here is the list of changes:

  • The face peeling scene is no longer interactive
  • The scene whereby Giulia cuts open Martha’s womb is no longer interactive
  • An option has been added to skip the censored cut scenes while they are playing
  • Disclaimer text at the start of the game has been updated. It is now more sensitive, clearer and includes the warning of miscarriage references
  • Any mention of masturbation has been totally removed during The Church chapter. This includes voice over and text

Martha Is Dead. Image Credit: LKA
Martha Is Dead. Image Credit: LKA

As well as these changes “The Safe In Our World” message which appears at the end of the game, and provides players with a link where help can be found for mental health issues, also appears after the disclaimer at the start. This change has been made to the game on all platforms.

An option has also been added at the start of the PlayStation versions of Martha is Dead, which asks players if they would like to censor some of the more gruesome footage. Aside from the above changes, players can also remove:

  • The face peeling scene completely
  • The womb cutting scene completely
  • The direct miscarriage scene
  • The hanging scene and the camera has a blur effect when focusing on the baby

In other news, developer Ubisoft, which has two offices in Ukraine, has provided financial aid and alternate housing in neighbouring countries for its employees in those branches.

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