‘Marvel’s Avengers’ War For Wakanda DLC gets brand new concept art

War For Wakanda was announced earlier this year

Crystal Dynamics has revealed brand new concept art for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers War For Wakanda expansion.

As spotted by TheGamer, the first look has been revealed for the upcoming Black Panther-inspired DLC, featuring the fictional country of Wakanda.

The developers took to Twitch for its latest “Updates with the Devs” stream to share new details on War For Wakanda, including sharing the development process as well as the mentioned concept art.


Twitter user avengers_acy managed to capture the concept art and post it for fans to see. The artwork shows off some explorable locations of Wakanda, which also revealed that the player will be able to explore parts of the city itself as well as the outskirts.

One image shows Black Panther looking out over the in-game city while another showed the Avengers (including Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Iron Man) within a jungle area of the map.

A separate piece of concept art further details the locations of Wakanda, including a temple-like piece of architecture depicting statues of the Black Panther within another forest area.

The Twitter thread further provided details on what players can expect from War For Wakanda, such as interactable objects such as chests and wall run platforms along with an image showing the verticality of the map.

As of right now, War For Wakanda does not have an official release date although Crystal Dynamics confirmed fans will hear more about the expansion pack during this week’s Marvel’s Avengers blog post.


In other news, Marvel’s Avengers will now permanently allow multiple players to play the same hero at once.