‘Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy’ pays tribute to Stan Lee

"Many believe this mysterious being has had a profound impact on our galaxy"

Players of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy have uncovered a tribute to Stan Lee.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy allows players to examine artefacts throughout the game, launching cut-scenes, revealing backstory or simply making nods to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, one artefact pays tribute to Stan Lee, the famous comic book writer who co-created a host of Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, The X Men, Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man and The Fantastic Four.


The tribute can be found during the sixth chapter of the game, which takes place on Knowhere. During this level, players will have the option to explore The Collector’s Emporium.

As part of the collection is a pair of “Cosmic Glasses” that look similar to the ones Lee wore. The plaque next to them reads: “If you see a relic before you, you’re in luck. Occasionally, a pair of lenses manifest, eyewear that belongs to a powerful cosmic entity seemingly capable of being anywhere in the galaxy at any given time.”

“He has appeared throughout history in multiple worlds and I suspect he will continue to do so throughout the future as well. Though we do not know his motives, many believe this mysterious being has had a profound impact on our galaxy.” It then signs off with Lee’s trademark catchphrase “Excelsior”.

This tribute also leans into the theory that Lee’s various cameos throughout the MCU were because he was one of the Watchers, a group of cosmic beings dedicated to observing and collecting knowledge about the entire universe without ever being able to intervene.


In other news, Marvel Games has announced that it is working with Skydance New Media on a new project with Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig.

Head of Marvel games Jay Ong said” “Amy [Hennig] has been setting the bar for narrative adventure games for decades and we are happy to be collaborating with the talented and experienced New Media team at Skydance,” and that the studio is “excited to share more with Marvel fans when the time is right.”

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