Marvel’s Venom arrives in ‘Fortnite’, along with Tom Hardy

The skin lets players switch between the two

Venom, and his human counterpart Eddie Brock, will be arriving in Fortnite as playable skins, as announced on the Epic Games website.

According to the post, Fortnite players will initially use the Eddie Brock Outfit, using the built-in Venom Unleashed Emote to transform into Venom himself. The post notes that “unlike the Venom Outfit, this version is based on the upcoming new film.”

Eddie Brock also comes with a Symbiote Scythe Pickaxe, along with the Emote, and can be purchased with just these three items, or with a Venom Bundle. The bundle includes all of the above, alongside a selection of other items including the Different Tasty Snack Emoticon and the comic-based Venom outfit.


A Symbiote Trail Contrail and Symbiotic Sail Glider will also be available separately. The Venom Unleashed Emote works both ways, so using it as Venom will also turn players back into Eddie Brock.

It was recently revealed that Epic Games is planning to improve XP progression Fortnite for Season 8, which players have noted for being slower than usual.

In related news, fashion company Balenciaga is selling a plain white shirt – which just says Fortnite on it – for $995 (£726).

As part of a line of Fortnite-themed clothing, Balenciaga is selling a plain white shirt with the Fortnite logo on for £726. The pricey shirt also comes in black, with the front of the shirt – in fairly small text – embroidered with “Fortnite artwork”.


Alongside the real-world clothing, Epic Games has collaborated with Balenciaga to release four new in-game character skins and various item makeovers, which a blog states is based on “the real-life Fortnite X Balenciaga collection” highlighted above.

As well as new outfits, Fortnite fans can pick up shoe-themed pickaxes, a purse-themed glider and a range of “Balenciaga fit back blings”.