‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ mod fixes character response glitch

Conrad Verner will now remember the choices you make

Now that the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition officially supports mods, one of the series’ annoying character glitches has been fixed.

The glitch involves the character Conrad Verner, the Shepard superfan, from Mass Effect 2. The issue arises from the character forgetting how you treated him in the first game. If you were nice to him in Mass Effect 1, the glitch would cause Verner to react in the opposite way.

As reported by Eurogamer, it’s likely BioWare left this bug unpatched in the Legendary Edition because later on in Mass Effect 3 Verner will apologise for misremembered Sherpard’s earlier actions, ultimately retconning his glitched response.


However, a PC mod from Marcus22Khaar and the Mass Effect Discord Modding Community has fixed the glitch and solves Verner’s incorrect response.

The Conrad Verner Remembers (ME2LE) BUG FIX, which is currently available to download on NexusMods, not only patches the bug but also adds a picture of Verner in your cabin. Inspecting it, the player will get some knowledge of how that got there and you will reminisce about your past encounters with him.

In addition, the description of the mod explains that since a fix on Mass Effect 1 is not implemented yet, a special, in-universe mechanic has been introduced to fix the import before meeting Conrad.

Ryan ‘Audemus’ Ainsworth, who manages the largest Mass Effect modding community in the world, recently explained how the Legendary Edition has more potential for modders than the original games did.

Elsewhere, the project director of ME: Legendary Edition has spoken about the fate of the movie adaptation.

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