‘Men Of War 2’ announces 2022 release with explosive trailer

Not to be confused with Men At Work

Developer Best Way has revealed that Men Of War 2 is set to release in 2022, with a new trailer that showcases warfare across two different fronts.

The Men Of War 2 trailer posted yesterday (November 23) shows a first glimpse at what the real-time strategy (RTS) game will include.

The campaign will be split between two storylines in the Eastern and Western fronts of World War 2, and fans will be able to play Soviet and Western Allied forces within these stories.


The Eastern side of the campaign will follow Allied forces in the wake of D-Day, as they fight to free Normandy from Axis occupation. Meanwhile, the Soviet section of the campaign will be set during Operation Barbarossa, where Russian forces fought to hold on to their country in the face of German invasion.

The new Steam page shares that players will be able to “utilize sophisticated military strategies, lay ambushes, or use brute force” to achieve victory, and will include “dozens of historically accurate units with unique equipment”.

Rock Paper Shotgun‘s hands-on mentions that units can do things like camouflage artillery emplacements, dig trenches, and call in airborne support to help push the frontline forward.

Men Of War 2 will also launch with “the biggest multiplayer and co-op modes in franchise history”. Players will be able to take up arms against other people, or team up to fight AI “in a vast selection of realistic skirmish and tactical maps”. The strategy title will also include “full mod support” with a toolset and level designer.


In other news, an update to Battlefield 2042 is set to address some of the community’s biggest concerns this week. This includes changes to weapon bloom and a balance pass at hovercrafts, which have been performing a bit too well since the shooter launched.