‘Metroid Dread’ update fixes game-crashing progression bug

The irritant has been vanquished

A new Metroid Dread update fixes a game-crashing progression bug that some players were encountering.

The bug occurred near the end of the game and was causing considerable trouble for players afflicted by it. It occurred when players destroyed a door while a map marker for that specific door was displayed on the map. Once that happened, the game closed down and an error message appeared.

Last week, Nintendo described a fix for the issue. A post from Nintendo support explained that players should restart the game and remove the door icon map marker before reaching the door. That way, a crash will not occur.


Now, players won’t have to worry about that as the latest software update means they won’t have to micro manage how they place door icon map markers.

The patch notes also explain that the update has “fixed several other issues to improve overall gameplay experience”. What that actually means has not been elaborated on. We assume it’s likely that these are stability fixes and other updates that are not likely to be noticeable during regular play.

In our review of Metroid Dread, we declared it was a “stunning finale to the 2D Metroid saga”.

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