‘MicroProse Soccer’, the Commodore 64’s ‘Sensible Soccer’ precursor, hits Steam

It's the first time the game has comes to a major storefront

MicroProse Soccer is now available to buy on Steam, as part of Ziggurat Interactive’s drive to get retro games on the PC.

Sensible Software produced the much-loved Sensible Soccer in the ‘90s, a game that came before FIFA and PES. The earlier game, MicroProse Soccer came out in 1988 for the Commodore 64, and originally went by the name Keith Van Eron’s Pro Soccer.

In recent years, the game has only been available through emulation sites or retro consoles, making this the first time it comes to a major storefront.


The MS-DOS offering uses DOSBox to run through Steam, with the store page citing the game as “easy to play, but difficult to master, this simulation will keep you on the pitch day after day”.

Ziggurat Interactive, the new publishers of MicroProse Soccer, recently purchased the rights to a host of games owned previously by Data East, promising to update fans with PC-friendly editions of classic ‘80s arcade titles.

The games will be released in waves, with eight arcade titles already having being released on March 3. These titles were Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja, Super BurgerTime, Heavy Barrel, SRD: Super Real Darwin, Express Raider, Two Crude, Bad Dudes, and Gate Of Doom.

Each of these games will be available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with an initial 33 per cent discount. “We are excited to bring these games to PC players for the first time,” said Michael Devine, Senior Vice President of Business Development.


“These are truly classic games that millions around the world have played and enjoyed, and we are thrilled to share them with a new generation of gamers.”