Microsoft confirms it’s already working on brand new Xbox consoles

"We're already hard at work on new hardware and platforms"

Microsoft has revealed it is already working on brand new consoles, “some of which won’t come to light for years”.

As reported by Eurogamer, Liz Hamren, CVP of Gaming Experiences and Platforms confirms that the company is already working on new hardware.

According to a video briefing shown to the press, Hamren said: “Cloud is key to our hardware and Game Pass roadmaps, but no one should think we’re slowing down on our core console engineering. In fact, we’re accelerating it.


“We’re already hard at work on new hardware and platforms, some of which won’t come to light for years. But even as we build for the future, we’re focused on extending the Xbox experience to more devices today so we can reach more people.”

Hamren also noted that as the company continues to expand on PC and mobile, console “remains our flagship experience”, explaining that it wants to deliver the more powerful consoles to the player base.

Microsoft launched its latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles last year, so it’s likely the new hardware the company is working on won’t be revealed for a long time.

In the same video briefing, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned how the cloud will remove the barriers of play, before clarifying that “there’s still a place for consoles and PCs”.


He said: “But through the cloud, we will be able to deliver a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet, even on the least powerful, least expensive devices, even on devices people already own.

“And with cloud gaming, players can participate fully in the same Xbox experience as people on local hardware. And we couldn’t do that if we weren’t part of Microsoft.”

Microsoft and Bethesda are set to hold a joint conference during E3 2021 on June 13 and will reportedly show off a preview of the much-anticipated Starfield.