Microsoft Edge’s Clarity Boost should make in-browser streaming much clearer

Spatial upscaling means games streamed in the Edge browser have better visual quality

Microsoft has added a new gaming portal and Clarity Boost feature to its Microsoft Edge internet browser.

Whilst cloud streaming already exists online for Xbox and PC, this new homepage on Edge and the Clarity Boost feature aim to make games look better, and make it easier for players to navigate through their favourite titles as well (via Bleeping Computer and PC Gamer).

As outlined in a Windows blog, the new Microsoft Edge gaming homepage aims to help players get right to their most interested games quicker, whilst providing them with relevant news and updates at the same time. Players that link their Xbox account can also see the Xbox Cloud Gaming library alongside recently played games and other content too.


You can see the homepage in action below.

Meanwhile, Clarity Boost is a new and exclusive Microsoft Edge feature that enhances console games with Xbox Cloud Gaming, it uses spatial upscaling to make sure streamed games appear clearer and sharper in Edge. A client-side scaling improvement system means the visual quality should be better across the board.

There’s also the Edge Efficiency Mode, which has a new setting that lets players reduce browser resource usage when a game is launched, which means players won’t need to close their browser to play and reopen it when finished playing their games.

All of these features and new additions are available in Microsoft Edge right now under the “Gaming” tab on the browser’s homepage.

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