Microsoft, ‘Call Of Duty Mobile’ form a “strategic partnership”

They will “jointly create excellent game content and bring a brand-new game sensory experience"

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios has reportedly formed a “strategic partnership” with TiMi Studios.

TiMi Studios shared the news yesterday (May 13) via its official website, where it said that the “in-depth strategic partnership” will “jointly create excellent game content and bring a brand-new game sensory experience to the majority of players”, as translated by Google.

The company also noted that the content being worked on by Xbox Game Studios and TiMi Studios will officially be revealed to gamers sometime this year, although a specific window has yet to be announced. The nature of the game has also not been revealed.


TiMi Studios is a Chinese mobile game developer owned by Tencent, and is best known as the developer of Call Of Duty Mobile. It was reported early last month that the company had earned US$10billion in 2020, making it one of the most profitable gaming developers in the world.

In the release, TiMi also announced that it is in the process of hiring developers for “a new AAA game that resembles the virtual community from the movie Ready Player One” and is building a couple of studios based in Los Angeles.

Xbox Game Studios on the other hand, is Microsoft’s first-party AAA video game developer for its Xbox consoles, and is currently working on the highly anticipated Halo Infinite.

In other Gaming news, Microsoft has announced that it will be celebrating 20 years of Xbox and the anniversary of Halo from now until November 15. The Xbox Gear Shop has been updated to include official 20th-anniversary commemorative merchandise along with a range of themed wallpaper that players can download for free.

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