‘Minecraft’ builders recreate ‘Genshin Impact”s city of Mondstadt

Impressively well-designed

A German Minecraft build group has spent a combined total of 400 hours putting together Genshin Impact‘s city of Mondstadt at an impressive scale.

Skyblock Squad began work on the project in August meaning those 400 hours were spread across the last five months. The city has been built to a 1:1.15 scale because Minecraft has “limited ways of getting details into your build”.

Within the build, some of the most important buildings even have full interiors, demonstrating just how detailed this build really is.


A time lapse video on YouTube demonstrates just how intricate it is. Simply put, it looks beautiful.

Players keen to explore it for themselves can download it from Planet Minecraft.

There’s a lot to check out here and it’s gorgeous. However, this isn’t the first time we have seen Genshin Impact recreated in some form. Albedo’s campsite was recreated through the use of some key mods which PCGamesN has detailed in the past.

As well as that, one fan spent 1,000 hours assembling Liyue Harbour using 3D printed pieces designed cut, and painted by hand.

Recently, it was discovered that Genshin Impact may have beaten Fortnite for most profitable first year. A keen Reddit user spent time collecting data from various sources to determine how much money the free to play game had made.


Elsewhere in gaming, the Battlefield 2042 subreddit may be closed down for a “period of time”. That’s because of continuing toxicity and developer harassment stemming from the group. Mods have issued an ultimatum.

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