‘Minecraft’ mod gives plants a gorgeous 3D makeover

Let it grow, let it grow, be one with the leaves and vines

A new mod finally allows Minecraft players to address one of the oldest visual problems in the game, fixing the flat appearance of plants and fungi in Mojang‘s sandbox world.

While Minecraft‘s blocky visuals lend it a certain majesty at scale, with each cube helping build blocky landscapes or impressive structures, up close the lack of detail can be disappointing. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to plant life in the game, where flowers, mushrooms, cacti and more are typically represented by flat, intersecting planes that, at best, only loosely resemble the flora they’re meant to represent.

Enter Minecraft modder Dark Storm, whose new resource pack overhauls all the pretty things that grow from the ground (as spotted by PCGamer). Called “Nature Revamp”, the mod does away with bland criss-crossed vegetation and replaces it all with – what else? – 3D block versions of plants.


Given the scale of most smaller plants in Minecraft, which typically sprout from the bricks that make up the world, it’s a subtle but surprisingly effective change. The more structured plant life not only stands out, it makes the whole world feel richer and more alive, with solid-looking sprouts that fit in much better than the default flat leaves.

Dark Storm’s resource pack is available for Minecraft players on PC now, here. It’s worth keeping in mind that the creator says it’s only in a beta state at the moment though, and it’s currently only for the Java edition of the game. However, the creator has been working on the pack for over a year now, with semi-regular updates that add new plant types and features, so green-fingered Mincraft players may want to keep an eye on this to see how it grows.

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