‘Minecraft’ mods can give the game Pixar visuals but might melt your PC

Is it still 'Minecraft' without its blocky look though?

Minecraft is synonymous with its blocky appearance, but a combination of mods can now transform the game’s visuals into something resembling a AAA game with Pixar-style visuals.

As spotted in GamesRadar, the results of the mod, which uses the Devorian Steampunk Resource Pack and Kappa Shaders, looks quite unlike Mojang’s creative building sim.

However, achieving these results appears to come at the risk of being too much work for even the most powerful GPUs. The below screenshot also appears to be the only image shared so it’s not known how the rest of the game actually looks with the mods.

Minecraft can now look like AAA game. Melts your GPU, but the look is worth the smoke! from gaming


“Kind of by the nature of the game, it loads way more stuff and tracks more things than a lot of other games,” one Reddit poster notes. “Most AAA games have a host of tricks like not rendering things that are off screen, smearing frames when things move quickly instead of rendering every motion of every object, and scripting certain deterministic behaviours. Minecraft (to my knowledge) doesn’t do these things.”

Another poster replied that because Minecraft is made in Java, it makes it “extremely CPU bound”. “You could have a baller graphics card but it wouldn’t change that much because you really mainly need a baller CPU,” they added.

The original poster didn’t mention the specs of their PC to allow this to run but others speculate that it would require something more powerful than a 1080ti, while another user says that even with an Nvidia 3080, using medium Shader packs in Minecraft usually drops the frame rate to roughly 40FPS.

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